ANJELL is Back
Back in November 2009 everyone assumed that the future of A.N.Jell had ended. Since then, Jang GeunSuk and Park ShinHye have skyrocketed to fame and they are now pursuing individual activities. But perhaps it is young Jung YongHwa whose life has changed the most since the end of this beliebt drama. Before You’re Beautiful, Jung YongHwa was relatively unknown in the Korean entertainment industry. But after the series ended, he debuted as the new leader in the indie rock group, C.N.Blue. An official A.N.Jell website,, has been released and it is sure to satisfy all those who are experiencing You’re Beautiful drawbacks. On this website, Fans will be able to view the idol group’s schedule, album, profiles and even interact with other Fans on their forums! Jang GeunSuk and Park ShinHye resumed their roles of Hwang TaeKyung and Go MiNam in this video they left for Fans advertising the new website.