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bakes2389 posted on May 21, 2013 at 11:59PM
Alrighty......so I am feeling the need to write something random. Feel free to post any characters you have and I will incorporate them into the story! Just post a description, personality, a wee bit of history, any power/talent/ability etc. that your character has, and possibly a pic.
Can't wait to read these and then write a little something something! xD

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr 221B-Baker said…
You asked for it..

Blake J. Morison.
Solid build, dusty blonde hair, hazel eyes. Scar from cheek to lip, tattoo of an hourglass on his lower back.
Parents died in car crash, he transferred from foster home to foster home, and earned a scar in a fight he got into over stolen sneakers. Never adopted, got a job at sixteen, worked until able to get a small apartment at eighteen. Got into working as a part-time tattoo artist and other part babysitter at twenty. He currently, twenty three, lives in California, as a tattoo artist.
Has a nick for art, and a bad gambling problem.

Can't wait to read!
bakes2389 commented…
Yes! Du posted! woooooo! Sweetness! Liebe the character! I'm going to write this soon! I need like 2 Mehr characters! :D Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr InfinityYJ said…
Adderson 'Addy' Castles~
solid but feminine build, light brown messy hair, freckles, bright green eyes. Callosed hands.
Born into a kind of strange family, her dad was a medival history geek and her mom was obsessed with fantasy stories like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. She knows how to use a bow, as well as knows how to fight, but doesn't really like getting into fights anyways. She's kinda geeky, and doesn't exactly like be called such, so she tries to pass it off as her genetics. She fails a lot.
bakes2389 commented…
Awesome! Thanks.....love the character! I need 1 Mehr character! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
AislingYJ commented…
ermahgersh addyyyyy Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AislingYJ said…
Gawd..do I use Manta or Vic? Well idk how to adapt Manta to a normal universe so let's go with Vic.
Victor "Vic" Hannibal Watson
short (about 5'7") and fairly strong build, average length slightly wavy brown hair, dark gray eyes, lightly tan skin.
He is quiet and reserved, very short tempered, stubborn, kind of a loner (doesn't always get along well with others), can be agressive and violent, he's actually extremely loyal to the people that he trusts but he's not openly trusting, very rough around the edges. Oh and he's terrified of guns.
He has an older sister Harry (Harriet) who was kind of a failure in life (drinking problem, messy divorce with her wife) and an older brother John who was an army doctor and war hero until he was shot in Afghanistan and invalidated. John is a couple years younger than Harry and is almost 20 years older than Vic. Vic grew up never knowing either of his siblings although he sort of lived in his brother's shadow, he went to military school until he was 16 when John was shot, upon which he came home and lived with Harry until he was 18, and then he moved in with John.

and I don't have a pic right now sorry.
bakes2389 commented…
Awesome! Liebe it! Now......to mesh all of them together will be a challenge! Vor mehr als einem Jahr