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DarkSarcasm posted on May 01, 2017 at 05:18AM
Oh look a challenge just for 90s movies.

You can use this challenge for another decade for just two easy payments of $9.99! (Or just leave a comment so that the participants in this challenge can try yours, too.)

Day 1 - Your favorite movie as a kid (Bonus: How do you feel about it now?)
Day 2 - Favorite comedy movie
Day 3 - Favorite sad movie
Day 4 - A movie you used to love, but don't anymore
Day 5 - Favorite setting
Day 6 - Favorite cast
Day 7 - A movie you like even more now than you did in the 90s
Day 8 - Favorite horror movie
Day 9 - Favorite romantic movie
Day 10 - A movie you didn't discover until the 90s were over
Day 11 - Favorite kid movie
Day 12 - Favorite animal movie
Day 13 - Favorite holiday movie (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
Day 14 - Favorite dramatic movie
Day 15 - Favorite animated movie
Day 16 - A movie you haven't seen yet, but would like to
Day 17 - Movie with the best soundtrack
Day 18 - Favorite movie series (They don't *all* have to be from the 90s.)
Day 19 - Favorite movie based on a book
Day 20 - Movie with the best fashion
Day 21 - Favorite sports movie
Day 22 - Favorite disaster movie
Day 23 - Favorite movie set in the past or future (As in, not the 90s.)
Day 24 - Favorite teen movie
Day 25 - Free Day
Day 26 - A movie that's overrated
Day 27 - A movie that's underrated
Day 28 - Movie that deserves a sequel or a remake
Day 29 - Favorite remake OR movie that should never be remade
Day 30 - Your top 10 90s movies

You guys done, or ya thirsty for more? There's a link challenge too!
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