One night on the Island of Sodor, the engines were sleeping. Well not all the engines. Thomas was busy at the Docks. A load of chemicals have just arrived, and Thomas was to take them to the new Science Research Facility.

Bill, and Ben were shunting Thomas' cars. "Why can't Du just get them, and leave?" Bill asked Thomas rudely. "I'm getting coal, and water for my long trip." Thomas replied. He did his best to not be angry with the twins, but Bill, and Ben had other plans.

"You're too lazy, and can't do your own work." Ben told him. "Yep. That's why I'm carrying a train of chemicals to a facility far from here, while making sure I get there on time. That just proves I'm very lasy." Thomas said. This made the twins quiet, and it was time for Thomas to leave.

Once Thomas left, the twins were cross, "I don't like the way he talked to us." Bill protested. "Neither do I" huffed Ben. They began to make a plan.

The two twins puffed to Thomas' branchline. They got to the station where Annie, and Clarabel were normally left. Bill got some workmen to take away a few nails securing the rails, while Ben kept the coaches quiet.

Meanwhile, Thomas was pulling his freight train. Not only was he making sure to get to the facility on time, but he was going at a safe, sicher speed, to prevent the chemicals from hurting anyone.

Not far down the line, Millie was shunting loaded cars of gravel. She was putting the cars in a siding which were right Weiter to a tree. While Millie was shunting the heavy cars, Duncan sneaked up to her. 'This will surprise Millie a lot' thought Duncan.

With one blast of Duncan's whistle, Millie jumped, and pushed the freight cars into the buffers. The freight cars then rolled down the hill, and hit the tree.

Thomas' driver saw the baum falling down on their line, but it was too late. Once the brakes were applied, Thomas crashed.

Millie was definitely shocked, but Duncan was scared. He didn't want Thomas to crash, and get hurt, but it happened. Duncan puffed quickly away, while Millie called for help.

The Weiter morning, Nikki, and ente came to clear the mess. The workers at the Science Research Facility also helped clear the mess. Sir Tophamm Hat came to see him.

"Duncan caused the baum to fall on you," he said, "Mr. Percival is speaking with him, but the scientists claim that the chemicals have somehow gotten into your system. It has affected your performance, but not in a bad way."

"Then how did it affect me sir?" Thomas asked nervously.

"You are now able to break the sound barrier." Sir Tophamm Hat said. "Congratulations. You're the fastest engine on sodor."

Thomas was surprised, shocked, and delighted at once. Sir Tophamm Hat sagte one Mehr thing, "While you're being mended, I will have Bill, and Ben work your branch line."

"Thank Du sir." sagte Thomas.

Later, Bill, and Ben got to the same station where they got the tracks to be damaged. They tried to couple up to Annie, and Clarabel, but they both got derailed. They should've thought twice before doing something that shouldn't have been done. Do Du agree?